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Sean Whalen Acting Classes!!!  

November 8th and 9th

Improv/Comedy Class 

You can't do comedy if you are self-conscious about how you look.  Imagine if Jim Carrey wanted to look handsome all the time on camera?  You need to embrace your silly side.  I will play some improv games, facial expression games, body movement games all designed to let students get out of their heads and embrace being goofy and ready for comedy.

Comedy acting is still acting.  The strongest comedy comes from the same rules that dramatic ones do.  Conflict, intention, obstacles, specific choices, and the life that happened before the scene being fully realized.  I make sure the students aren't just "surface" acting but finding the emotional truth beneath each scene.  When this is taken care of, the scene is fuller, therefore funnier.

I help "choreograph" a scene like a dance instructor does.  What are the beats?  What are they doing in each line (teasing, begging, cajoling, manipulating,etc.)? What does that mean to them?

Lastly, we make sure the students know what the writers intent is for the scene.  What needs to be learned about the character?  How does the story move forward? Where are the jokes (Set ups, punch-lines, awkward pauses, etc.)? All of this helps to fully understand the scene while not losing our truthful acting.  

Then, like a dance piece, the actor gets out of head, "lets it go", and it all comes together and flows. 

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Having scenes broken down and analyzed by a working actor, writer and producer is a unique experience.  Sean wants to make sure you understand that you have to break down a scene with the full knowledge of who you are in the scene, who your partner is in the scene, what the writer is trying to say, and where it fits in the story.   Unfortunately many actors think that if you understand these aspects of the scene, then it "puts you in your head" and keeps you from being loose.  Sean knows that you still have to be open, truthful, and in the moment WHILE having full knowledge of what the producers and directors are trying to achieve.  This approach takes your skills to the next level and gets you ready to work on any set or stage.


We know you may be familiar with the basics of scene work.  My Audition intensive would focus on taking those skills and applying them to getting a job.  I will cover:

1) Learning how to figure out how your audition scene speaks to your character, the colors you choose, and the overall story.
2) How to sell yourself in an audition.
3) How to be confident and why there is no other option.
4) How to understand that auditioning is a collaboration between you and the director/ producers/ and casting directors." 

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About the instructor:

"Sean Whalen is a working actor, writer, and producer with over 25 years of experience in Hollywood.  He has worked in literally every type of genre in entertainment: large studio movies, small independent films, comedy TV, dramatic TV, Soap Operas, children's shows, commercials, etc.  Being involved in the business from all sides has given Sean a wealth of knowledge that he is excited to share with new actors trying to expand their knowledge so they can have a long career in show business.  

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