Dan Doherty

CEO & Founder

Dan Doherty grew up half an hour away from Miramichi, New Brunswick in a little place called Warwick Settlement. His first friend was the movie monster, and he spent his time getting his hands on as many Horror VHS tapes as he could. It was a way to test his bravery from a safe distance. He was fascinated with the villains and monsters, the blood, the gore, and the grotesque. Later he was fascinated by slasher films, but the earliest film he can remember was “Alien”.

As a teenager he spent six years with the 2nd Royal New Brunswick Regiment as an Infantry soldier until, at the age of 25, he enrolled into a Virtual Reality Technology Course which was geared towards creating Technology Start up Companies. His major was as a Graphic Artist, CG Modeller, and Animator. He later stayed on as an assistant animation instructor for a brief time before heading west to Calgary, Alberta.


After his digital portfolio was destroyed in shipping, he was given his first job as a computer technician. Since then he has re-certified as a computer technician, but his passion for horror and his artistic side never left.

Dan’s business training and acumen include:

-Small Business Management
-Project Management
-Business Communications
-Contract Negotiations

-Legal Aspect of Business
-After becoming a member of “Quickdraw Animation Society”, he was invited to the Board of Directors, and would eventually become President of the not-for-profit society for two years. He also sat on several Boards within the Calgary area.
-CEO and Founder of the Calgary Horror Con

Since founding the Horror Con in 2011, Dan has also become involved in the film industry, and can add to his list of credits:

-Played 4 different Zombies in the full feature film "The Dead Mile"

-Played Zombie in "Breakdown Lane"
-Played a zombie hunter in Apocalypse Wars Promo Video
-Played the killer in 2 promo videos for the Calgary Horror Con
-SFX on RunRabbit Entertainment's Short "Lilith".
-Makeup team "Breakdown Lane"

-Currently enrolled in Dick Smith's Basic 3D Make-up Course